One thing men should know is women are a very hard to understand species. They actually don’t even understand themselves. A woman might think she wants a particular thing but when she gets it, she loses the interest completely.I tend to think all this is based on the hormone that causes mood swings (PMS) . This mood swings really cause a lot of drama in life. They can make a woman want or note want, hate or love etc. In the case of a relationship, when a woman is on her mood swings, the guy tends to think his woman is just impossible to bear. Its the truth, women at that point can be really impossible, full of issues. If you dare ask her what she wants, she will never give you a definite answer to that. This question arises when a man tries everything he can to please a woman and nothing works or goes well. So he tries to ask her what the hell she wants. Men should never try to understand women cause they will never dig them. Really, Instead they should communicate more often with them in order to dig them and keep in mind the four days before the red robot.This period is usually prone to a lot of misunderstandings due to mood swings.

Tip guys, the 3key things that a woman wants are; ATTENTION, ATTENTION AND MORE ATTENTION.There you go, you can never go wrong with that . So lemme not hear a man asking me what the bloody hell i want!!!!!!!!


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