The Tolilet-germ spread

We all know that the toilet one of the most dirtiest places you can be, no option to that. Well, i tend to think that i have pushed my dislike to another level. No matter weather the toilet is private or public, to me its still a gross place. Thing is, i do not understand how people flash the toilet with their hands after doing the dirty. Or open the door with their hands. Yeah, I can see you giving me the look of “what are my  hands for?”. But try and look at it from my point of view, for instance, someone comes and does the dirty and might not be really neat at it and some of it stick on there hand. So they go along, flash the toilet with the same dirty hand, open the door with the same dirty hand, open the tap, with the same dirt hand. You then come along, do your dirty, flash with you hands, the previous dirty sticks on to you, open the door, the same happens, open the tap, the same happens, some people even decide to skip the tap bit.Then they they meet with you out their and great you with those dirty hands!!!Yuck!!!All am tryna say is, use a tissue to flash the toilet, open the door to the toilet and open the tap inside the toilet and make sure you thoroughly wash your hands afterwords.If you avoid shaking hands or, worse yet, flushing a public toilet with your fingers, you might just be a germ-a-phobe. And all this nonsense of greeting people with the hand, at least keep a wet wipe with you, personally, i prefer hugs:-) ..Jus sayin

Another intersing fact…Office desks are 400 times germier than toilet seats.


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