Annoying Habits That Errk Me

This habits really annoy me;

  • A mother enters a public transport vehicle with a kid whose shoes are so dirty carry s the kid carelessly such that the shoes point at you hence dirtifying you.
  • Preaching  in buses after a long days work n all you want is just a quiet ride home.
  • Not flashing the toilet or wiping the toilet seat after use.
  • Not washing hands after visiting the toilet.
  • Grabbing Your Crotch
  • Not Wearing Deodorant
  • Peeing in the Pool
  • Biting Your Nails
  • Bragging
  • Chewing With Your Mouth Open
  • Kenyan Police Officers who stop mats in the morning especially when am late for work or appointment!

And the list continues……..and not forgetting my bad habits…..guilty of;

  • Trouble throwing things away/clutter/ to the point of annoying myself.I man i can keep things i don’t even need like candy wrappers etc
  • I like to drive fast, take chances, go shopping, spend money, buy wrist watches, clothes, shoes and pocketbooks.Impulse buying is actually one of my weaknesses.
  • I am a terrible junkie. I cannot stay without junk. I have developed a tummy due to this:-(
  • I so much like to talk to myself, when am walking, sitting ……anywhere!Kinda explains why I have a blog. One embarrassing moment happened when I went to the loo and started talking to myself while staring at myself at the mirror and to add to it, I started complaining about my work, only for my boss to come out from the loo!!
  • Chewing even when am hungry. Plus, the way I chew…really annoying!!Yud hate me!
  • Wanting a perfect husband.Sadly, no one is perfect..
  • Having high expectations…
  • Goth Dressing

Truth of the matter though…OLD HABITS DIE HARD!!!!!!


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