Valentines is here with us again.Yea..not many guys like this day i know.Any way, its funny how chicks say it’s just a normal day and they aint really concerned about it and guys on their part say how everyday is valentines. So here is the real thought.Chicks might be saying that as a consolation so that they don’t get disappointed, the real thing however is that they want to  be treated special on that day. For instance, an office scenario, speaking from a girl’s point of view,where  all the girls are getting surprise gifts on Valz and its only you who hasn’t received any thing from your “boo”.It really heart breaking eh.

And guys, the way you say, Valz is every day, lemme pose this question, is it every day that you bring flowers, candy, chocolate, teddys it your chic?is  it?I dont think so.

I think Valentines was put there for a purpose. It’s a day meant to appreciate those whom we love.Be it our parents, sisters, brothers, hubbys..etc. Its not every day that we get a chance to appreciate them. So this nonsense of being mean and not wanting to share the love should stop. It doesn’t mean you have to buy a car, or something extremely expensive, at the end of the day it’s always the thought that counts. Buying a simple jewelry , a bar of chocolates or even a hand made card can do the trick. I also think Valentines is a chick day, in that guys should appreciate their chicks,although nowadays they too want equal rights hmmm…sucks. Anywho, i will not conclude this article without forgetting to appreciate my friend Suhayl Bukera who enlightened me further on the importance of appreciatinig those we love on Valentines.


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