What’s That Smell??

Is it me only.I don’t mean to be mean, really, i don’t, but av noticed some people kinda smell the same. For example maids and the people we like to describe as shady.As in there is a distinct smell which they all have.I cant tell exactly what that smell is but they all smell almost the same.How did i notice?you might ask.Rily fishy how i found out:-) (Get back to me on that on my one on one and al def give you an answer)Plus they all seem to behave the same as if they went to the same skul or something. hmmm Am i the only one who thinks this??


2 thoughts on “What’s That Smell??

  1. That has been a thot on my mind tht i dnt botha ta pay attention to…bt coming to thnk of it….thea is some.truth to it….hmmm

  2. Chic u read my mind…..our househlps room has some wiered distinct smell…funny enough,not that am hatin bt the cleaner at work smels the same too!!…

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