POOPING!—–consider this

Ever walked in a toilet room and heard sounds that resemble those of someone throwing pebbles in water??Honestly, i get ehh grossed!!Do you really have to tell us your pooping??We can already smell that :-O ..Anyways, that’s beside my point. See at some point in life (for those of us who are keen), you might have come across a topic in science called surface tension. But really, how many of us apply this theory in our daily’s? 30% I suppose. See, not that am against pooping, its natural for animals, but what grosses me is the fact that some people just poo without thinking. See when you poo, the ish drops in that water and splashes right back at your ass.

Have you ever stopped for a moment and thought how many people have used that toilet, how many germs, how many…..So, this is were surface tension comes in,it doesn’t hurt to create surface tension first.So this biashara of running to the loo to throw pebbles……well,think agen..


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