Immune to love!! really!?

..…then he laughed like i just cracked a world premier joke…’really!!!?’ he asked. Just because i told him i love someone! hehehe…to be sincere,he made me look like a ‘jerk’, in fact ‘jerk’ is under ratting,he made me look like a………it made me think so much…so so so it embarrassing falling in love? is it something worth flogging for? or being flogged for? c’mon!lets contemplate together,including the self proclaiming ‘immune titles’.one superb question perhaps worth asking, how did you come into existence?????????????????? LOVE between two, right?…box me if i go too wild.And if through wedlock, how do you feel when it keeps bumping into your mind??? sit back and think…lets all think! since ‘kidole kimoja haki vunji chawa’.Even Hitler had his evra braun…all am saying is, nobody is immune to love, no matter how tough you are,no matter how thug like you are, no matter how many clips of bullets you spray to the society, no matter how Al Pacino like you want to be and by the way, Al Pacino had his Michelle Phifer ‘hancock’…ooh ooh wait wait…what made Al Pacino un leash the all black machine gun from his closet?? watch the movie then come tell me or rather, come tell us…nothing in this world is as great as being loved by someone…and loving someone…don’t and never hesitate…LOVE!! my fellow GOD’s people…go out there and love..word.

A thought from;

Edd Odhis


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