Whats the spelling gat to do??One wud ask.Well, i don’t know if this will sound stupid but now i know am not the only one.I really don’t like it when someone shortens the word love.I shared this with someone  and well….he wasn’t too happy;”maze,ni ufala”,was the response. I don’t  blame him,coz i gues many people wud react that way..i guess.So i made up some sort of white lie that its something my friends n I came up with..some sort of research thingi we did.But in real sense, i truly cant remember where i read it from or how the idea came into my head n got stuck.Guess i used the lie to make it seem that i aint the only one thinking that.So i sat back and thought, could it be that am just weird.Ever since i was young, i just couldn’t get myself to believing it when someone used luv,lurv etc instead of love. To me, “luv” is like others have said — casual while the word “love” is something with meaning, emotions and etc.Luv is material…”i luv pizza!!”I cant just brush it off even if people think am stupid for thinking so. Well I guess people have their on different perception to it…some may use luv to really mean love.But i don’t buy it, i tend to think in such a case its the subconscious working.Kinda like you think you love some one but ya don’t, n ya don’t realize that you don’t!!dangerous work of the subconscious

So, i decided to ask one of my best est friends who has almost the answers to every thing…..”Google”. And here is what i found out;

From the Urban Dictionary

1. Luv

A casual way of saying you really like someone without freaking them out by saying I love you. Commonly used by people early on in relationships, where it is too soon to say I love you.Luv may develop into love but it is not love.

{Dating for two weeks…Text Message}

2. Luv

Specialy used by teenagers1. n. A less serious form of love2. abr. Short for love

1. I luv u gurl

3. Luv

A pussy way of saying love, for those who want to say that they are in love but are incapable of it.
person 1: I love you!!!
person 2: (mumbles) ooh .i luv u 2.

4. Luv

Mild version of love, describing good feelings for someone often for freinds on un serious partners. Love is considered to be deeper and stronger, luv is the mild version.
Luv ya, bye

5. Luv

A weak and feeble abbreviation of the word “Love”. “Luv” is used a lot in text messages, MSN and myspace and is a clever disguise that fools mainly women into thinking their partner “Loves” them. Luv appears to be love, but is in fact a common shortcut to sex, handjobs, blowjobs, and money. Many people say luv is a softer version of the word love, but is in fact a smokescreen. A lot of trendies and footballers use it to pull extremely attractive girls, a difference in pronunciation is almost identifiable
See Jojo’s video “A Little Too Late” to see what happens when “Luv” is found out

There you have it…..:-)


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