It doesnt last….

Nothing lasts. Every thing is temporary. Regrets.

Looking forward to a day well we’ll be sure that the friends we have, will be our friends forever, the relationships we engage in , will last a lifetime.

It just crossed my mind that people nowadays look towards satisfying their need, and once there needs are satisfied, that’s it.

A guy might think she likes a girl, but in fact he is lusting. And once he satisfy s the need he wanted, be it dating her or sleeping with her, he no longer sees what he saw before.

People, be careful where you invest your emotions, whom you get involved with, whom you trust, whom you decide to love, whom you decide to be you friend; because once you learn how  deceptive people are , life wont be the same no more.

Life is a treacherous path, one that has no mercy, one that is very unfair.

A lesson learnt in life, even the most harmless can turn out to be dangerous snakes.

I hoped never to write this piece or do what am about to do, praying that my prediction will turn out wrong, but the day has finally come.

Time to do this…….



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