Todays Thoughtlines..

Every time i travel to and fro with our re known extremely loud mind finds its way out of the noisy to another world of thoughts.Thoughts that go dangerously deep,to a world out of the ordinary,a world not only of sight but of mind…
  Thought line one
“what the hell was i talking” hmm what the hell was i thinking when i said what i said.Well that dint bring out my true persona.I must have left a bad impression.”
Some of us have experienced this at some point.Whereby after a conversation with someone whom you don’t normally talk to…you realize u might have just made a mega fool out of yourself..Darn..hate when this happens.Unfortunately though,happens quit a lot.
Thought line two
“What did i do wrong this time?”So we are not on talking terms..agen.Yes am a complicated and don’t understand why i do the things i do”

Whose never had boy trouble/problems before? If there is someone who hasn’t, ad like to meet em and shake their hand. Lucky bitches 🙂
Thought line 3
Trying to come up with an exceptionally awesome business idea..I truly hate employment.
Snap!…am home!got to the bus i go.


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