Life is good for the lucky few. Life will never be fair. Though what is common is that we all live in some kind of cage. Some of us live in that cage by choice, others by force. Some of the cages are locked tight, others lose. How does one break out of the cage? That is the question. I carried out a small research among a few individuals and some of my peers and came up with a bit of this. The context in focus is the Fe specimen.


Your parents still treat you like a kid when you’re in your twenties. It’s an issue to come home late; it’s an issue to do this an issue to do that. For how long? Then they expect you to be close to them. How now? How do you begin to tell your mother that you have a boyfriend, when she pops that question, claiming you are a big girl now and that she would really like to know and probably advice you, when all your life she has been treating boys like some sort of demon and sex like a virus. All your life, she wouldn’t want to hear that you have a boyfriend. Words like sex and alcohol would make her collapse. I mean seriously, how far would the so called purity pledge go?

And now, she thinks you’re old enough to tell her that stuff. Like that would come easy. Old enough? How? When you’re thrown for tantrums when you get home late (8pm!). Now that will never happen.

You envy the people with liberal folks.

This is the start of the never ending rebelliousness and the beginning of liberal.

Here folks, there is no freedom!!And you my friend are tapped in a cage!

Cage 2

This has to do with relationships. All relationships are melodramatic. Well, you might disagree with me and tell me that young love is melodramatic, but I think, it doesn’t depend on age factor. Relationships do not end well.

Relationships are fantasies; marriage is a reality. Relationships we all agree are awesome in the beginning. They call it, the honey moon stage. We all agree the guy will do anything for you at this stage. Absolutely anything to win you, your love and your trust. We enjoy this stage, but deep down we know it won’t last for long. It’s like the guy had a pre-defined character of what kind of person you are, and then realizes who you really are. And who you really are, is not what he wanted. Whatever makes them change, I will never know. Especially telling who is really genuine and who is not.

This can also happen vice versa, but am talking from the female point of view.

Our society in this day and age is corrupted. Relationships are consummated. Well, I used to think its only marriage that should be consummated but my thoughts; thanks to the most illiberal of families and threats, has led me to a pitfall that has seen all my relationships torn into pieces.

They all want it and if they say they don’t then someday they will and when you won’t be able to give them that someday, then they will walk. Experience is the best teacher. And one lesson that we should learn here is never, and I repeat never get too attached, or you will cry…trapped in a world that you cannot change.

And for all the girls with the nun’s vagina, never lose hope. I have just about little information on this nun thing, and am sorry for the girls out there who are facing this. Turbulents will always be there, but the sea will be calm. It is not a permanent condition, but temporary. It will bring you down, not make your relationship stronger, but will make you know yourself, who to trust and who not to trust, that’s the beauty of it. So enjoy it when you still have it, don’t let it trap you. Fight it.

And for those of us who think relationships are just fantasies; then we have no choice but to leave with fear of the future .But let’s not make fear our choice, it takes prayer. Like they say, seek a man on earth, and you will get him on earth, but seek a man from God, and you will get him from God.

Now this is where I get a bit mean; for those of you who have a combination of both (nuns and view of relationship as fantasy) …Life really screwed you, no wonder it can’t let anyone else screw you. Trapped in a cage that would only require divine intervention. Seriously; pray.

Cage 3

This is the cage of self-pity and low self-esteem. When you think you don’t deserve anything. When you compare yourself to others and hate yourself. When life always sucks for you. When you walk and no one notices you, and when they do, they must have noticed a glitch on you.

Trapped in a world that only you can understand. That only you know why or maybe not know why.


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