Thoughts in a Cold Moonlight Night

Been staring out into the night, from my bedroom window, trying to hide the pain. Haunting me now, are reminders of how I used to live, and the troubles that my introvert self has led me to plus a mixture of what I like to call “disturbing thoughts”. Who would have known, that in every stage of our life, troubles were sure to follow. As I rest on my bed, in a world that has grown colder, I keep asking myself if I should keep on trying. So I open my lungs, to breath in forgiveness and love. But surely, there is no place like home. We all agree to this. Everyone out there will not give you the treatment that you would get at home. Home, a place where love and feeling good doesn’t cost a thing, and the pain you feel is a different kind of pain.

And so like daughtry, am going home, back to the place where I belong, where their love has always been enough for me. Am not running from, no I think you got me all wrong, I don’t regret this life I chose for me, despite the fact that it has thrust me, like a sharp knife would. But it sure has taught me enough, and I am yet to learn more.

We might not be happy with where we are, with what we have or with what we are doing. But there is always a reason behind whatever happens.


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