Rainy Days

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I hate rainy days on a working day. Best if am on leave, on the sofa cuddling with the duvet,having a hot cup of chocolate milk while watching some block buster series.

So this particular day, it rained so bad, such that we experienced a mad slide. I mean all that mad slid right inside the compound! Couldn’t believe the mad on mad  journey towards the stage was starting right in front of my door step.

See the kid in boots walking to school, in front of her is the neighbors fence, all flushed down.

Then on my way back home, just compare the contrast of bus station on  sunny Saturday morning and a rainy weekday evening.

People stranded, long queues, no matatus. That queue i must say, i had never seen before. Had to take a shot. I mean, it circled the entire station. Some Kenyans can be quite civilized as to be patient and make such a long queue.

Ad rather go to one of those black and red ambiance places n tuliz:-)


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