Rebound-Are You One?

Cruising down my memory lane and refusing to pull over…the memories are just too sweet to let go.

Yes, we’ve all been there, thinking about the up side of our past relationships and wondering why it had to end.

Then in the midst of the moment, an opportunity presents itself. It is only normal to get in a new relationship soon after a break up. This is because as humans, we like to fill the gaps in our lives with anything that can fit well enough, without thinking over it.

If we say that someone is on the rebound, we mean that they have just ended a relationship with someone. This often makes them do things they would normally not do e.g. take alcohol for the first time, extremes of sleeping with someone whom you don’t really know too well.

When we say someone is a rebound, we mean that they have been immediately replaced by someone who has just ended his or her relationship and taken you in not long after the breakup period.

No one wants to be a rebound because as we know rebounds don’t last. As a rebound, your work is to provide comfort for the broken soul at you own expense.

How do you know if you are a rebound?

Well, it is very easy to tell. Once you have the information on how long ago the person you are with broke up with their previous partner, then you are in a position to tell.

The sooner he/she took you after the breakup, the more likely that you could be just a rebound.

It is therefore important to know how long someone has been single before you jump into a relationship with them.

It is also important not to rush into a relationship immediately you end a relationship, unless what you want is not something serious. But then again, you might be hurting the person whom you are involving yourself with.

So according to Love Panky.Com; the following are signs to watch out

#1 You just want to date someone, anyone.

#2 The sex is great.

#3 You don’t remember how you got over your ex.

#4 You often talk about your ex with your new partner.

#5 You have mood swings.

#6 You fantasize about your ex getting back to you.

#7 Your friends are surprised to hear that you’re dating already.

#8 You keep your eyes open.

#9 You don’t try to take things slowly

#10 You’re going with the flow.

#11 Old love memories in the open.

#12 You still feel weak when your ex says hello.

#13 You look for ways to bump into your ex.

#14 You know you’ll go back into their arms if they make an effort to woo you.

#15 You don’t feel like you’re serious about the relationship.

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