SMILEYS….Dont We Just Love Ta Use Em


Communication has changed rapidly especially the written communication. With chats and short message services, people have adapted to shortening there words more often than not. The use of smileys as a way of expressing emotions has also increased significantly, with people being more creative in conveying their facial expressions via written communication.

However, we sometimes fall short of what smiley to use for certain emotions and expressions that we have or cannot tell what some smileys mean.

I will give a brief meaning of some of the really basic smiley’s that are at times hard to figure out and for the rest..well can…Google 🙂

:  –  p Tongue

: – D  Big Grin

; – ) Wink

:  –  e Angry

}:> Devil

8 – ) Cool

:-} In Love

: – | Disappointed

:-0 Shocked

: – s Confused

(A)   Angel

:-$  Blush (People get a blond moment when I use this. Now you know, am not spitting cash!)

:-z sleeping

^_^ Cute

: o ( Sick

<o) Party

8-| Nerdy

:-/ Eh

Try this on Skype…looks amazing (Rain), (B) =Broken heart, (i)= Idea

Note: Av totally spaced them out so that the smileys do not transform, if you get what i mean.So they probably don’t make sense as they are. You can try them without spacing n watch the transformation. Cool 😎



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