The Agony of Popping That Pill

Today’s generation as we know it is much more knowledgeable and educated as compared to the past. In Nairobi, the young people in campus have been exposed to so much.  As i was reading through the Saturday standard, a lot came running through my mind.

Sex has become inevitable in today’s generation. Its become like part of the curriculum.Girls can only hold on to their treasured cookies not too long only for it to be ripped off of them by the time they are done with campus. Not to generalize, few however do manage to come out “alive”; and so the Emergency contraception (e-pill) has become a common phenomenon among our youth today. While it may seem like an easy way to prevent unplanned pregnancies after unprotected sex, the e-pill is more dangerous than you think.

Its Funny that the e-pill in campus is like a painkiller! Boys buy these pills in bulk and make a girl swallow them after they have had unprotected sex. They are very clear on the fact that they are not ready to be fathers. I mean guys have them with them. Am i the only one seeing how sickly twisted this is? Further more its like they have replaced this with condoms.I wouldn’t be shocked to find P2s in a guys wallet. Insane but true.

Moving on, a survey that had been carried out on the use of these pills found out that at a particular time, chemists run out of e-pill and American pregnancy test kits that go for  Ksh.200. This is to show how women are scared of getting pregnant more than they are of contracting STIs and STDS . Further more they go for the more expensive kits and leave out the cheap kits that go for ksh.50. Well, all use the same technology only the packaging differs, i guess. Endless weeks of torture and pregnancy scares accompany them as well not to mention painful withdrawal bleeding caused by this pills. The Agony.

Not to drift far from the point, e-pill come with their share of torment which i discuss below with references from the Standard newspaper.

Hormonal concentration

Dr John Ongech, head of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Kenyatta National Hospital, confirms this.

“The biggest problem with the e-pill is the high hormone concentration, which disrupts the physiological menstrual cycle,” says Dr Ongech.

The emergency pill, Dr Ongech notes, is just meant for that — emergency. It is ideally taken during emergencies such as when you have forgotten to take your daily pills or in the unfortunate case of rape. It is not a daily contraception, contrary to popular practice. This is because the last thing your young body needs is a hormonal imbalance.

Adds Dr Ongech: “The body is subjected to high hormonal concentration and the long term effects is that you will experience hormonal imbalance in the form of abnormal menses (bleeding when you are not supposed to).”

Besides that, frequent use of the e-pill affects your ovulation cycle and interferes with your fertility cycle.

Did you know that high hormonal levels in the body directly influence certain cancers?  You will be surprised to know that popping that pill twice or thrice a month could actually be your ticket to breast or cervical cancer.  Unprotected sex also exposes you to the Human Papillomavirus (HPV), which causes cervical cancer.

Taking the e-pill only solves a quarter of the problem, which is pregnancy, but leaves you susceptible to a myriad of serious STIs.

HIV and Aids are incurable while gonorrhea and chlamydia have lifetime implications such as tube blockage hence infertility.  An STI such as chlamydia might not show now, but its effects are felt years after you have left campus and are ready to start a family. Furthermore, frequent consumption of the e-pill increases your chances of having an ectopic pregnancy.

Given the temporary nature of campus relationships, where most do not go beyond campus, it is important to be careful about whom you are having unprotected sex with, in spite of the e-pill.

So upon reading the above, i did a bit of some net search to find out how much agony girls go through. The queries on these e-pills and pregnancy had flooded all over the doctors blogs, portals and open discussion forums. Hence the agony is faced all over the world.

I know i have used agony so much. The agony here is in terms of the emotional torture that girls go through and the effects of this e-pill thing.

Don’t get me wrong but sometimes, this is were being single is just the best thing. No pressures any how.

Much sed, my message……….Ladies, lets abstain.


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