The Other Strange Side of a Woman

Women are a very complicated species. Talk of aeronautics being complicated, women surpass this. The Female species I must say is weird. Apart from the irregular mood swings that can cause a girl to behave obnoxiously, break a relationship, make a relationship etc. there is one thing that struck me.

There is a time of the month that apparently, every male species looks attractive to females; believe it or not. Every tom, dick and hurry that you see pass by the street suddenly looks attractive. There is attractive; I would make out with and attractive; presentable, but not make out with. But in this case, it’s attractive; I would make out with.

As Chris Hart once said “Men and women are forever checking one another out. Men of course are always interested, but women’s feelings depend on whether they’re in the fertile part of their monthly cycle or not – and whether they’re in a relationship.”

I have done zero research on this so my guess on why this happens would be the hormonal imbalance that jumps across everywhere.

So, the part I would call danger zone is when this particular chic suddenly sees a guy is attractive then they start vybing , then in comes relationship, then she suddenly is not interested n wonders why she “fell in love with this guy in the first place”.

Man, if you get a girl during this time, ehm, pole kwako. What you thought was luck was …yes LUCK,… never lasts.


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