A young man, full of potential but with a lot of baggage. He studied in one of the best high schools, got one of  the best grades to get one admitted in a public University. He later enrolled for a course in Architecture in one of the public universities. Many are the times that he would get tangled up in messes that were caused due to his high consumption of alcohol. Whenever we got a chance to  talk, our conversations would not end without the mention of alcohol; how much he drunk last night or how he is planning to go drink.

At some point in his life, he got badly bitten up by thugs and lost one of his teeth together with his valuables. It was Gods hand that got him out of there alive. There was this day he got too drunk and was unable to pay for his bus fare. An acquaintance who felt pity on him and who happened to also know his parents paid for him. We all know how ruthless touts can be and this good gesture deserves a blessing. Many are the times that he has been saved from the jaws of death by Gods hand.

One day, something tragic happened. This  was the defining moment in his life. As he was walking, he fell down and collapsed. He was later diagnosed with a serious brain condition. This gave a new turn to his life. It also meant he had to be more careful.This also led him to change his career path as his health condition wouldn’t have allowed him to pursue with Architecture. He then enrolled in a course in computer science in  a different campus.

I thought his defining moment would make him change and quite the bad habit. Sadly, it did not.

It got worse. He would drink even under medication. Many are the times that he has lost his phone and we as his friend were unable to reach him, so were his parent. This made his parents lose trust in him.

He eventually built a wall on his parents. I could see in his eyes how bad he felt for the broken relationship he has with his folks. But deep down, despite of letting his parents down and continuously getting them worried, they still loved him.

I was glad when he came to me for help in databases and gladly, I offered him help. “Finally, he is coming back to us”, i silently thought to my self.

He then told me that even though he has genuinely come for my help, he knows that his parents think he has gone out drinking again. I felt bad for him but there was little i could do.

Months went by and i met with him in the neighborhood, ruggedly dressed and smelling of alcohol. I started avoiding him because i hated the fact that he always talked about alcohol and the fact that he couldn’t focus well.

I met him again late this year. This time, he wanted me to help him on his project that was due in December. Despite the fact that i knew he was still into alcohol, i was willing to help. My only constraint was time. He then later called me using his sisters number, reminding me on the project. Me and my busy scheduled threw away his request, at the back of my mind. This will forever haunt me.

From that day, we have never spoken, until yesterday November 9th 2012, when i was called my one of my friends, informing me that Charles Walala, had passed away. My heart fell to the pit of my stomach.

Today November 11th 2012, is when it has downed on me that he has actually left us. I have been depressed the whole day, blaming myself for the times i did not treat him well, for the times i dint give him attention when he needed me. If only i would take back the time and do things right. But its too late. If you can read this from were you are, know that am really, deeply, truly sorry.

Life is too short, and no matter how stupid or ignorant our friends may be, lets not ignore them, because we might end up regretting our deeds, the way i do right now.

                                     REST IN PEACE CHARLES WALALA


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