2012 has not been all that awesome for me, but I thank God for the much He has done. I couldn’t think of anything better to wrap up 2012 in the boshez blog.  So to wrap up 2012, I let you in my OCD times.

When my OCD kicks in, it gets the better part of me, I become crazy I think.

My purse must contain wet wipes, any sanitizer preferably Dettol, roll on, at least three types of lip shines, a fantasy, compact and my contact lenses which I stopped wearing after they expired and I couldn’t afford to replace them.

My room is another issue. I cannot concentrate well if my room is dis organized. From time to time my room gets a bit messy, but I cannot handle that for long. My mind catches up to the messy situation and stops to function the way it’s supposed to. I also can’t sleep well. Whenever I wake up to a messy room, my mood just drops!

My yellow purse has to have the bellow. Note :I am not a girly. I am a klutz and B girl transitioning .This unusual behavior happens once in a while……Yes, Unusual behavior, i do not carry these on a 24/7 daily basis…Part of 2012’s fault that i even have them 😉

DSC03127                                                                               Yellow purse with the must and must not have contents.

Cant do without Nivea 🙂


Mirror=Must or must have? You tell meDSC03141

Luron compact=Not must, unless its just too sunnyDSC03137

Lash brush=Must have after applying anything around your eye.What are they called?Eye pencil?

I like it coz i get to brush of the lashes that stick out n keep falling off, and comes in handy

after applying shadows…DSC03136

Wet wipes=MUST HAVE…My OCD level is high hereDSC03135

Can do without lip stick but lip balm=MUST HAVE!!PS:Sleek is awesome,

was  never a fun of lipstick but sleek changed my lip thoughts:)

Combination of color and lip balm unlike for the other one, you need a separate balm.DSC03131

Hand Moisturizer=MUST HAVE.Especially for us OCDs who keep washing hands after every sec.DSC03132

Roll On =MUST HAVE on very hot days.Every one hates sweat …right?Nivea is the Best  for that matter.DSC03134

lip Gloss=Not must but comes in handy when balm is absent. Nivea agen is the best:)

My room follows next…in my OCD times


Remember to Vote Wisely…PK 🙂


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