Walks of Life

As I walked down the dark alley, I saw a man walking at the corner of the second alley. No sooner had I thought that I had passed him, than I heard footsteps progressively increasing pace behind me. At that moment, I already knew that I was in danger.  The man walking behind me pounced on me tightly grasping my mouth shut and dug his knife close to my throat, threatening to slit it if I dared to scream. He then took me to a dark corner and asked for my phone. Whatever happened after is a long short story, but as I came to find out on face book (the stupid idiot sent himself a friend request using my Facebook account that was still logged on), the idiot’s name is William Njukia. Funny enough, if we wanted to, we would have caught this guy, but the Kenyan police, CID for that matter, up to this date, with all the evidence I gave(practically did almost all the work for them), have not yet managed to get the bustard!

So that’s how my 24th of November, 10pm, turned out. This episode occurred shortly after my friend, Walala’s death.

And on 16th of December, my best friend, John Mungai died.

The last few months have been the worst moments of my life.

Yesterday, 21st of November, we went to bury Munga at Langata cemetery.  I can never finish talking about the moments we have shared with him, since high school. All the plans we had made together have now been crashed. Staring at him in his coffin, tears couldn’t stop cascading down my cheeks. Loosing Munga hurt quadruple to losing Charles. Memories of Munga have been constantly haunting me for the past few days. At some point I thought some kind of extra-terrestrial radiation or paranormal activity was taking place in my room. Damn, sleeping had become a challenge, up to now.

What hurts me more is the circumstances that led to your demise and what comforts me is that i was able to help you the day you desperately needed me (for real I thought you were going to die that day). Munga you have really given me enough scares.mungs

This scare was the hardest to believe, until I saw you, through the glass window of your coffin, your lips tightly sealed, your face was darker than usual and shiny(scariest moment). You seemed quite peaceful, as though you were asleep. But I knew you were never going to wake up again. I couldn’t control the tears, even though it seemed like I was the only one crying.  Death has taken a number of my beloved ones, but it hurt the most when it took you. I have never experienced such pain in my life.Seriously.

All I can say for now is, I will miss the only person, whom in my opinion took me as his closest friend.There is a difference. Just think, who among your friends considers you as his/her closest friend?You might think someone is your best friend, but to them, you are actually not, which makes them not your close friends.It is important to detect this because such people are the ones that mess you up my brothers and sisters.

Do you have any one whom you can talk to on just about anything?Who knows you in and out? Who will not judge you because they know you very well? Well i just lost that person.

A single rose left to remember,as a single tear falls from my eye. Another cold day in December, a few days from the day he said goodbye. Seems it’s only been a moment, Since the angels took him from us,and i was left there holding on to dear tomorrow.
But as we laid him in the ground,my heart would sing without a sound. For the first time you can open your eyes
And see the world without your sorrow, the very one that took you away, the one we all ignored and no one knows the pain you left behind.And all the peace you could never find is waiting there to hold and keep you on the other end.
Welcome to the first day of your life Munga(16th Dec 2012)

I will miss you Munga.

For my record, 22nd December, the events that have happened in this house, Lord have mercy. Alcohol is bad.

They call this year, the year of Jubilee. I do not really know what that means, but I hope it’s not a bad thing, because the way this year has turned out, it has proven to be the worst; back fired relationships, losing two friends, realizing more things that I wish I shouldn’t have, armed robbery…



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