Killer Drinks

Ignorance is bliss, which is why I think most of us should have been named Bliss; because we happen to be so ignorant. I for instance, am a bad case of ignorance.

Sometimes we tend to do things, ignoring the effects that might impact us. In this case, my focus is on consumption of drinks.

I hate the taste of alcohol, maybe that is why I have never gotten attached to it. The taste ofJameson Irish Whiskey - Bourbon Intelligencer gin, whisky and brandy rises the temperature of my tongue and cuts my throat. But as I later came to find out, a mix of coke really goes down well.

However, my realization has been short-lived. It came to my attention that some of this mixes are killer drinks. As I was chatting with one of my friends who was taking scotch (white label) at the moment, I noticed he had mixed it with water, which is not the case; he always had a bottle of coke on the side. He then told me that he had been informed that mixing coke with a drink can harm your liver.

This caught my attention and I decided to seek more info on Google.

Below are some of the information which I got on e how. com.

Mixing alcohol with energy drinks is a well-known killer among the teen to mid-20s age range. The high-octane caffeine disguises the impairment of intoxication and can lead to more people drinking and driving or dying from alcohol poisoning. Headlines and legislators keep the mixture front and center. Unfortunately, another danger has been forgotten: Coca Cola and alcohol

1.     Caffeine

Regular Coca Cola has around 34 milligrams of caffeine. According to Drug and Alcohol Addiction Magazine, laboratory research has indicated that caffeine overrides the sedating effect that alcohol has on the body. By keeping the drowsiness at bay, you may seem less intoxicated than you are. A study by the University of Florida, College of Public Health found that people who mixed caffeine and alcohol were four times more likely to attempt to drive drunk than those who drank only alcohol.

“We know that caffeine aggravates the degree of intoxication, which can lead to risky behaviors,” said Bruce Goldberger, Ph.D., study co-author, professor and director of toxicology at the University of Florida, College of Medicine.

2.     Absorption

A variety of factors can influence absorption of alcohol including food, sex, weight and height, history of drinking and genetics. The University of Manchester, Department of Postgraduate Medicine & Dentistry conducted a study with 21 individuals who consumed vodka, vodka with still water or vodka mixed with carbonated water.

According to the report, the diluted vodka was absorbed significantly quicker than straight alcohol in 20 of the 21 test subjects. The absorption rate in individuals who drank the carbonated mixture was also decisively more rapid than the mixture of still water. However, the effect was only visible in 14 of the 21 subjects.

3.     Carbon Dioxide

According to Princeton University’s website, “The carbon dioxide of carbonated drinks, like beer and soda, increases the pressure in your stomach, forcing alcohol out through the lining of your stomach into the bloodstream.” The site stated that high concentration of alcohol in shots also means that your blood alcohol content or BAC will increase rapidly as a consequence of the secretion. BAC measures the milligrams of the alcohol present in a milliliter of blood.
Read more: The Dangers of Mixing Coca Cola & Alcohol Drinks |


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