I bet most people wanted to get rid of 2012.I am one of them. 2012 came with its good, bad, and ugly. But as I drifted into random thought, I realized, 2013 is not going to be better, it might even be worse. As I recall way back, I was so eager to burn 2011 into ashes, till I put ‘’Welcome 2012’’on November 2011 as my profile picture on face book. That’s how much I wanted to get rid of 2011. But I have become wiser now. I now know I will be yearning to get rid of the current year every freaking year! However, I am still hopeful that that will change.

Another thing I noticed, people have grown tired of making resolutions, staying true and keeping a tempting promise for three hundred and sixty-five days or sixty-six, given a leap year, is rather a hard thing to do. It requires determination, strength and high principles, which few of us have.

Even though we get fed up of making resolutions which we know we can’t keep, we often find ourselves having the need to change something in our life on a new year whether we like it or not. So I decided to change a few things in my life. Among them is to be a better person, which includes not lying.

Today is 1st of 2013 but the blog date reads different because I published it late. I have begun my 1st with a lie.

This lie made me discover how hard it is not to lie. I usually like to usher in the New Year in church or somewhere spiritual.  It actually feels therapeutic to start the New Year with God. Makes the New Year feel blessed.

To kick-start the New Year, I wanted a change, and so as it turned out, I didn’t usher it in church as it is my tradition.

I wound up in a noisy place. The company I had was great so it actually turned out to be okay. Was a bit weird though, such places are usually the last place I would want to start my new year, but I hope the year will turn out great regardless.

Then I thought to myself, how it would have been if I told the truth, later on if I was to be asked anything by the relevant parties who brought me to planet earth. The truth; “In an entertainment joint somewhere in town with my friend whom you don’t know, winding the night on some manufactured drink that is supposed to make you feel drowsy, give you confidence and maybe make you lose a step or two; as we waited to usher in the New Year and danced to secular music all night.”  Am usually not a fun of alcohol, but this would sound unbelievable after unveiling the truth.

Truth be told, nothing good would have come out from telling that truth. That’s the truth. As much as they say, the truth will set you free; in this case, the truth will hold you captive, vibaya.

As you might have figured out; that was the start of the breaking of my first new year’s resolution.

It’s still the beginning of 2013, so I think I will tone down to something more manageable, like drinking more water everyday.

Forgetting John Mungai would be the hardest though. I freakishly keep texting and calling hoping he’ll pick up. I get butterflies every time I think about him, and the image I never fail to get is him lying in his coffin. Butterflies whenever I see his grave(sadly, his grave is on the side-walk of the road I use to go to work, which makes it even harder for me) Lord I need massive Strength this year, I need help in driving out the need to open doors to talk to the dead.

Most blogs like this are still under private domain for fear of judgment, and  so today I mark one year of making my blog public , takes a bit of … (those of us who find closure in writing understand this) and shutting down my all technology blog(Geeky Gadgets) ;too much research involved.

                                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 TO YOU ALL!!!!!!


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