So today is valentines day.I have been reminded by countless people on what day today is.It actually hasn’t been on my mind.Infact i really dont care. This is one of the best parts if being single…Not having to care who cares about you.My friends have been awesome though…got chocolate n a braclet..kul huh?Plus my sweet mother got me a really nice wrap round.Best part is i wasn’t expecting.I certainly love surprises.They all made my day.
Am bloging this on my way to school in a mat.Random thoughts on my mind.
Am thinking valentines is not for every one.I fail to understand why men hate it so much.Its a chance to show your woman how much your care about her.I am fully aware that love should be demonstrated every day,but I like the fact that a day has been set aside to celebrate love.I also think it not only applies to lovers but also to anyone you care about;could be a friend e.t.c.
It doesnt have to be a big thing or big deal as men put it.
The way men hate Valz is whats made me not like this day.Its like men are being forced to express their “love”. They whine on how this day is stressing them and how they want to get over and done with it. At the end of the day, they will eventually accomplish the major task of pleasing their significant other. Even though the deed is done,I believe that as long as the deed wasn’t done whole heartedly,it means nothing.The saying “its the thought that counts” plays a key role here.

Its quite unfortunate that our men fill pressured on Valentines.
Very few descent men feel the need to please their significant other, and do this whole heartedly with the love,care and romance needed. I find this admirable.
Today, i play the role of a spectator, having no man by my side.I must say again, it actually feels good.
Yeah, I know, spells out loud how not ready I am for relationship shenanigans.
Partly memories of last years events remain deeply rooted in my mind and play a role on my behaviour lately.
Dreaming about dead people,cooking dead people and seing Munga in my dreams has been really scary. Further more travelling this road alone makes it harder.
And so, for this valentines,the best gift God can give me is strength to move on without thoughts of Munga haunting me.
Munga seriously I can’t do this.What you did wasn’t fair.You really mesd me up.
People think it shouldnt hurt me so much because we were friends, but no one can understand the frienship we had.And probably thats the reason why I can’t move on.


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