Just when I thought it had stopped,it began again.Its this dream that made me realize the pattern.
How many of us are keen to take note of our dreams.Well for some of us,it’s like a phase of amnesia,we can’t remember a thing,farthest we can go are bits and pieces..fragments.
Well,I think some events happen to us sometimes serve as a wake up call.
Not to.drift to far,i was talking.about my dream.
Since he died, i kept getting strange dreams of him.He was q really talkative and vibrant person..but.in my dreams,i.was.always the one talking..he din’t say much.The dreams always ended badly leaving trails of mystery. The last time i had a dream of him..he asked me to forgive him.I am 100% sure that was not just a dream.As in it had a deep meaning I swear i can still fill it and am not exaggerating.
Somethings that happen to me ever since he died scare me sometime,like the desire to die,desire to break boundaries and speak to the dead..(i have Google this enough times)
Last night,I was with him again,thinking I had a second chance, I held him and begged him not to leave me..siezi…hata what he said.Next thing i knew,his eyes turned blood shot,and he lay beside me still,while i shoved him vigorously,screaming..till i woke up.
Will this ever stop?


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