Just another random thought

location:Thika road
Place:In a Mat

I get alot of random thoughts countless times a day.But the most dreadful thought is that of him.
Whoever said time heals lied.
When it comes to death…its worse.Infact time increases the pain.How that works,i dont know.
You will never know that death really exists until you lose a loved one..not just anyone…must be a loved one.
The experience is very horific.
As for me,I cant stand looking at a coffin,I Love God but I cant stand.swahili gospel songs….brings back all the dark memories…and the list of endless scars goes on.
The worst part each part of Kasarani holds a memory…even
God really knew what he was doing when he gave us death as a form of punishment…I think it was not to punish the dead but the living…
Funny enough,I dont care.about dying nowadays…its like a chance to see him again…


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