My dad was such a coward, to see me grow he watched from a distance

With love in his pocket he showered me with keys to his ignorance

No day did he skip my mind; he was busy skipping my birthdays and the visit days

A young man with no father is a young tree with no roots, I think!

Dad, through my mum I became a better man and through you a bitter man

Am what I am coz am my father’s son, a fact biology never made me understand

Genetics in blood and looks take away my pride, how far can I drain my genes not to be you

I don’t hate you I despise you, not your deeds but your choices

Dad, have a look at this tear! You see the eyes I have are yours

See through my pain and my joy, but sorry you only see the pain

The strength of a woman made me better, so please no more apology letter

Am your business, right? So did my mum sign the contract well?

As your balding your way to old age so do I flip another page

Am proud of who you are, a penguin clap you deserve

I now know better am not my father’s son

Am the sin of a father who lost the best son ever.

Poem by a close friend based on a true story.


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