Those who matter dont…

Every year,life never fails to paste us with new labels.That is,if it gives us a chance to receive it.
Today I received my yearly label thanks to God.I turn 24 years old on this day.
The best thing about having close and true friends is that they make it so special.From simple birthday wishes,which really mean alot to heartly treats like lunch,java dates etc. Surprisingly my birthday used to pass without me noticing,but thanks to social media and my friends,am filled with memories of each twenty something birthday that passes by.
Too bad Munga is not around this time, looking back, the teddy in 2012,the maasai jewel dish in 2011,the Manu T shirt in 2010,his picture in 2009(this one was funny hehe)…etc, my best friends memory will linger forever.
Birthdays might not be a big deal,infact they serve as a wake up call that you are not getting any younger.Who wants to be reminded?
As much as its just a date that gives you a label,i think its important to make it special for the ones we care about,nomatter how simple the jesture is…trust me the thought counts even when you are gone.
Its kind of a good feeling to get positive attention once a year huh.Extending the same will give you pleasure,having  been able to put a smile on someones face.
Face book gives us a chance to pass birthday wishes to friends whom we havent spoken to for quit a while hence awaking the silence and putting a smile on someone.As a result,fullfilling an important need in a humans life,need to feel loved,cared for,thought of and not alone.

With that thought to sleep on,would like to thank you all for your wishes.

I have lived to see 24,lets see what it has in store for me.


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