Had come across this QR CODE thingy sometime back but never payed too much attention on what it was all about. Recently, i got introduced on how it works (blonde). The best part about it is that its so easy to generate the code.

Its also used in newspapers but i couldn’t quite figure out what it actually was when i first saw it. It pays to be inquisitive sometimes, which am not, most of the time.

It is  now becoming a trend for Universities to use it in advertisements. Technology never seizes to amaze me. Just when you think its about to take a break, that when it come with double force that previous. But I think its going to take a while before guys get into the trend.

Now I have my very own QR code (just had to generate one for myself!) Scan the below QR code using your phone qr scanner and get linked to my blog through you phone 🙂

If you are using an android platform phone, download the droid qr scanner from Google play and have fun with it!!

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