Many are the times we envision numerous possibilities that we target to achieve within a certain time frame. Entrepreneurs are advised not to envision the future in a volatile environment. Reason being, in an environment full of massive changes, it is next to impossible to determine or predict the future. In addition, the way we make decisions plays an important role in our lives. There are key decision-making traps that we should always be aware of when making decisions i.e. status quo, framing, etc. I will focus on these two areas, future plans and decision-making basing on life. I shall also use various scenarios to explain my point.

The first scenario is one which happens often enough in life as I came to find out from my friends, both male and female.

It is not a wise decision to try to fit into someone else’s plans. Am using try, because we try so hard yet truth is, we can’t. Most of the time, we find ourselves in this situation. You meet a really good guy; you fall down on your feet for him, but realize that your plans conflict. The guy would want to settle down at a later date but for the woman, the plan is different, she would obviously prefer to settle earlier given the famous social clock or whatever they call it.  Waiting for things to fall in place, would take quit sometime, and making future plans, would even mess everything up. Fitting into his/her plan would also not be such a good idea, who knows what the future holds?

So just let things fall into place as they come, you can make your plan because it is important to at least have one, but have a broader perspective and alternative. Don’t maintain a status quo (decision-making trap).

Learn to think broadly and not focusing one thing, hence falling into the anchoring trap. Whenever you find something or someone good for you, grab the opportunity while it lasts, because good opportunities never last long and doesn’t wait for you. Immediately you let it go, you will never get it back. So don’t try to make a good opportunity fit into you plan or forfeit it just because it doesn’t fit into you plan.

It is good to plan the future just to have a rough idea on what you would want it to be like. However, I came to realize that making future plans and focusing on them is not such a good idea after all. Some of the events that have happened in the past year till now have broadened my perspective and thought lines. It was just early last year that my friends and I made plenty of plans; Munga and Walala planned on starting up their own church, and also that the four of us including Maureen, go out for a date and make Munga and Walala see the point of using Ksh.1000 on Pizza. Munga was also to start his own video and photo studio etc. These plans never came to be, reason being, Munga and Walala both died the same year under different circumstances. It actually feels weird when someone leaves this earth for good with pending issues, well, let me not go there.

This whole sherade taught me a lesson, never set you mind on what you have planned, the future is in God’s hands, you can make all the plans you want, but the fact is, God makes the final plan. Learn to make wise decisions when trying to plan.



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