The World appears to be a massive, gigantic (any other big adjective) Mass, but the irony is that it is actually not as big as it appears. Many are the times we hear phrases like “this world is small.” Especially when we meet people whom we thought we would never meet again or relations we never thought we had among other connections.

However, the world being a rather “small” place can sometimes not turn out to be as awesome as it may sound. There are discoveries that one may stumble upon that are rather not too pleasing. The beauty about it though is that such discoveries can either make you or break you.

Another term used is, “the world is flat”. So to speak, the world is a global village in this era. One can never be too careful these days. As much as we try to hide information, the little information we put out in the cyberspace, no matter how small, can solve a huge equation.  How a stranger knows where you work, where you leave, what you like, etc., is no surprise.

I tend to think we live in a world of illusions. Many optical illusions surround us. Who knows whether what we see is real, are we real? One thing is for certain though, everything happens for a reason, not always by chance. The discoveries that we stumble upon are not just mere coincidences, but a signal to something. Could be a signal to open another door, close another door, etc.

My discovery has been quite interesting and connected, I myself, left with amazement.

And the signal I received is to risk opening a door that leads to a world not only of sight, but of mind.

And that’s how I entered, my twilight zone.


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