Misery, sadness, despondency, fear etc. That was how my 2013 started, and continued for quite a while. No one could relate to my state, which made it even harder. My Strength came from God and my closure came from blogging, of which, some I published online and others remained private. Sometimes, we feel like talking to someone about our fears, our problems e.t.c, but we cannot, reason being, we are too afraid of being judged, misunderstood or not receiving any relief from our confidants. The thought of letting it all out to an unknown audience, some that know you and some that don’t, is a kind of closure. The key thing is to let it out. And sometimes when its do deep to let it air, writing without publishing also helps. That is what has kept me going. Looking back at the posts, i cant help but sigh. Years from now, this posts will look like a bunch of sillies from my younger years, but also a memory worth keeping.

Having said that, 2013 was also an eye opener. Not to say that 2013 was just a black year, i must say there were a couple of light moments. Events of 2012 made me to realize how important my friends are to me, although having made a number of awesome friends, the list grew thinner by the time the year was winding up.  Even though, it was a pleasure having all of them in my circle.

A new beginning a waits me now.  A sudden unexpected answer to a prayer that  unraveled itself in 2013,  sets of my new beginning. It is said that a prayer is always answered. Thing is, we tend to take NO as not an answer when it is. In my case, the answer was YES. And that was my happiest moment of 2013.

So this year am back, well i guess the old me is rekindling. More posts with a touch of pictorials to my sillies. 🙂

HAPPY 2014.


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