True to the common saying,this world is unfair and ruthless. In order to survive,one needs to be strong hearted through thick and thin and have the zeal to continue living even when worse comes to worse. But for the weak hearted,life becomes a hardcore struggle,whereby the only survival tactic remaining is suicide or lost hope.
Ever thought of your purpose in life?The more I try to understand this world and the Creator,the more I get lost.So my thoughts to this question are as follows;There are some people who are put in this world to suffer until they die,and there are those that are blessed for life. God has His own people,we are not equal.


One thought on “PAIN

  1. I wrote this post during one of the lowest points of my life,when I felt frustrated…this feeling has not changed much,but I hooe God Blesses us all even for us who are on the road to seek salvation

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