Salvation:Key to Acceptance??

Are you saved? How would you answer that question, assuming it’s one of those theoretically life or death situations? Would you rather say yes just to save your ass or be honest and say no, even though saying no would be a deal breaker?


I assume that most of us do not like being questioned or judged on our religious beliefs or personal relationship with God. I believe that not everyone who goes to church is a good person and not everyone who does not frequent the church is a bad person. Likewise, not everyone who is saved is a good person and vice versa. Someone can be saved but their heart in unclean. Likewise, someone who is not saved can have a clean heart.

I never in my life thought that this matter of salvation would ever be a matter of life and death, theoretically speaking. Never in my life had I thought that one day, I would feel out of place, judged and most of all ashamed for not being saved. Never in my life had it ever occurred that I would be scared of uttering the word “No” in response to “are you saved”. I was on the chopping board this time,sweating profusley as my stomach grumbled like a deflating balloon(this must have been food related). I sat there blankly,without say,without reason as to why am not saved. Is this a taste of judgement day? I wondered. As the eyes around me stared at me, thoughts wondered in my head,”I am not a bad person,I love God,Am I evil for not being saved?I think am saved,just that I dont know” (and the thoughts went on and on). My esteem shot down to -5,took a while to get it back. To cut the story, saddly, I think my heart and concience wouldve felt accepted if I was Saved(talk about limits to acceptance).See I used to think it was enough to believe in a superior being that is God and his son Jesus Christ and getting baptized as a result of the acceptance that there is existence of these.So the question is, would I be lying if I answered yes to being saved? I hope it doesn’t woke like this with God. I shall let myself believe that Saved or Not,He still loves us.

I just realized I need to get back to my “books” on what salvation really means. Apart from full filling the requirements of what it kind of means to be saved, I had my own idea of what it means to be saved. Talk of ignorance. I had this peculiar idea that someone who is saved frequents church 90% of the time, hardly sings along to secular music, doesn’t do drugs, reads the bible every day, bla bla bla. I don’t know if I got that right.  Camon, I know that crosses your thought line too when you hear someone is saved. I again do need a tutorial on salvation.

So what next…I am beginning a journey on Salvation see how it goes. Its not because of the embarrassment back there,No, I kind of re-evaluted myself in bits and realized…

…….I need Him.

Ye all who are like me…Join me in seeking the truth.Death is near,and you do not want to step in unknown dimensions when you aint ready.


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