Embarking on the Journey

In my quest for Salvation, I stumbled upon a book that has really set my pace.  For the first time in a long time, I decided to read the Adult Sabbath School Guide. Viewing the contents of this book felt like receiving water to quench your thirst after a long marathon.  Trust me, it felt awesome. I am most certain that it was God who made me come across this book immediately I chose to take on this path, because how else can I explain that just when I thought about salvation, I was given everything I needed to start off. That was amazing. See this particular Sabbath School guide for this quarter is about Salvation among other things.  For some weird reason, I understand what I am reading and want to read more. In the past, I used to read the guide so that I don’t “float” in class. There is nothing as boring as floating in the Sabbath School class. Furthermore it’s embarrassing when you are asked for an opinion or contribution and you can’t say a thing.

So I have decided to dedicate a category in my blog, Encouragement from the Heavens, whereby I shall document the lessons I have learnt as I travel through this road and it is my hope that someone somewhere will be encouraged and motivated.


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