Piss-Full Journey

At this very moment,I am traveling from Nyeri to Nairobi with a cringe and hoping that it will fade away at some point of this journey.Some Kenyans can be really uncouth and it’s for this reason that my journey is seemingly longer than it ought to be.My journey began by boarding a 2NK fourteen seater matatu simply because I couldn’t afford the ten seater one which I totally preffer because of so many reasons including tje one am about to reveal. I patiently waited for the matatu to fill to capacity as I was the first occupant.Within no time,passangers flocked into the matatu and it was full within minutes unlike other times where am forced to wait for more than 15minutes.Among the passengers included a wife,husband and their two kids,a boy and a girl. Every time I see kids in a matatu I see trouble,mainly because some parents have not taught their kids how to behave. Another thing that pisses me off is parents insising that their grown up kids who can nolonger stand in a matatu shouldn’t sit so that they can save the costs in expense of their comfort and tha of other passengers.My seat was the one behind the conductors’ and the small family had fixed themselves at the back seat that holds a capacity of three.Their was a passenger who had already taken up one of the three seats so the family was left to use the two remaining seats.The kids pulled my hair,stepped on me as they vigorously tried to find a comfortable spot.The boy,who was older,tried sitting on the floor as a result stepping on me.I couldn’t stand the thought of having my legs kicked and stepped on the entire journey so I subconsciously gave this look to mother who got the message and warned the boy.The parents finally decided to squeeze the kids between their knees.It didn’t end their though,the parents took out sugar cane and began crunching it together with their kids and seeping the juice off from it which gave a sound like that of someone drinking porridge the old fashion way.I could feel the particles landing on my huge weave and to ascertain my suspicion,their mother went ahead to comment “sasa umejaza kwa hio nywele”. Worst still,the kids kept moving,pushing me,splashing the sugarcane juice on me and that was the.beginning of the “long ” journey.
So am just waiting for the entire family to fall asleep at some point of the journey so that I can finaly have some peace and given that this is that time where my moods do not favour me,I am really struggling to hold myself.
Am not mean. πŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Piss-Full Journey

  1. Hehehe, I see you are not mean at all! Ulikua shags kwetu na huwezi niambia, so that I can send you to bring some sugarcane πŸ™‚

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