Words For 2014

Its December yet again.The termination of the year 2014.I thank God for this far He has brought me for its by His Grace and Mercy that I am alive and well.For my friends who didn’t make it; Roy Munguti,may your soul rest in peace. December tends to bring back dark memories of the past.Its tough to control some things.16th December brings back memories of my close friend Munga.I finally accepted that he is gone and that I will never forget him no matter what. I saw his picture on FB and he had this band that he had grabbed from me.Funny memories,atleast I can afford a smile now just thinking about it.I also tried calling him.Honestly,I dont know what I was thinking.Silly of me huh?Ofcourse, his number was out of service.Still haven’t gotten myself to delete it yet. Truth be told though,If you have read some of my posts from 2012,you can tell that am quite close enough;I think, letting go of his death and good thing is, am definitely much better now.Its harder to deal with this stuff when your friends don’t let you talk about it,or push the topic away,or blame you for not wanting to let go. I keep saying its until you lose someone close to you,thats when you will know how it feels.Its for that reason that I will talk about him,blog about him,repeat the same story all over again until it all hopefully vanishes out of my head.
There is however a whole load of stuff to be thankful for in 2014. I am thankful for the new life that was given unto me late this year; a life changing experience that am still trying to maintain and keep up.Its a struggle that indeed requires Gods grace.I am also greatful for Jalo;so far my greatest blessing. I know alot is yet to come and numerous changes to be expected,one thing though that ad like to remain constant,even as I revisit my posts years from now,is Jalo.
Unfortunately,I didn’t make any new friends this year,as a matter of fact,my friends reduced in number and I finally came to understand or so I think; the proverb “a friend in need is a friend indeed “. I treasure friends and the whole aspect of friendship.Its however seemingly hard to get a close neat group of friends for myself.
Final remarks for 2014 ; there is indeed a God. In whatever you do,put your trust in God,include Him in everything you do.He will definitely come through for you.If there is one important thing that I have learnt this year,is surrendering everything to God.Trust me,the only place you can find peace is in God. Its so sweet to trust in Jesus. Learn to pray,take a moment to fast and quench your thirst with Gods word.Finally, there is alot to learn from the Bible.
Have a Merry Christmas my readers,followers…e.t.c and a Blessed 2015 🙂


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