Caveman Syndrome

Each and every one of us has some kind of inner caveman syndrome regardless of where you were born and bread.The inner caveman syndrome (I just coined this term,don’t know if  exists ) is what we Kenyans like to refer to as “ushamba” meaning rural kind of behavior / mindset. There is no one who likes to be called “mshamba” even if they are actually a mshamba(someone with peculiar/primitive behavior )…lol.
Truth be told though,each one of us bears that mark. I have come across some of the behaviors that we who claim to be nairobians or chanukad(slung for well informed ) have.
Below is my very own compilation of some of the inner caveman habits that people have.
1.Thanking Someone on their wall for adding you on facebook.
2. Carrying home left over food from an event at work.
3.Searching for man knows what in your nose.
4.Matching color coordination of cloths from head to toe.
5.Having a mentality that you can get any girl just because you have a ride.Please.
6.Wearing a dress top with jeans.
7.Buying a dress that doesn’t fit and wearing it with stockings to cover up.
8. Wearing stockings with skirts or dresses when its too hot outside.Like really?I don’t need to explain.
9.Keeping chipped toe or finger nails.
10.Braiding colored braids
11.Removing front lunch for men while walking

I will keep updating the list with time…feel free to add 🙂


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