Proposals Have Lost Meaning.Whats Your Take?

Something caught my attention while I was watching one episode of wedding show;a popular tv show in Kenya based on real weddings. As the lady was explaining how her man proposed to her,I couldn’t help but wonder how unrealistic it sounded. His boyfriend proposed at the eve of their wedding. This beats logic according to me. I think our men (Kenyan men) assume so much and hate anything that involves romance that is why you find them always whining about Valentines day etc. For this man to wait until the eve of the wedding to propose was lame.All along they were just planning a wedding without an engagement. Both of them knew they wanted to get married to each other and so carried on to pursued their interests.Am not suggesting that it was wrong, am trying to bring out the importance of a proposal. While the man thinks its not important,the lady knows it is even though she won’t say much of it for fear of appearing pushy. A proposal may necessarily not require a ring,although a ring is a physical symbol of the promise, acts as a seal to make the proposal “official” and keeps the predators at bay.I think its courteous for a man to get permission from the lady to marry her. It can be as simple as asking her whether she would marry you without necessarily having a ring at hand. The process of proposing and a positive answer to the proposal(yes) is what is called engagement. Engagement with a seal Lady s have been brain washed since their younger years to embrace the aspects of having a physical symbol given to them during a proposal.This has been depicted very much through media.Because of that, ladys’ don’t feel content when they do not have that ring and are busy planning their wedding.Its like being robbed of the joy and excitement of engagement, because its not the same afterwards.  It doesn’t give them the drive and assurance to involve her friends. While you as the lady may know that your man is serious with you even without the ring,your friends on the other hand (outsiders) would question and think you are desperate. You can be there busy planning your wedding and you get awkward questions like ‘so where is the ring?’. One would rather zip up and burden themselves with the planning without involving people.That is reality and society we live in. I mean people wear a wedding ring to make a silent statement that says “am married “.So why is it not the case for an engagement ring to also bring out the silent statement “am taken”. engI personally think proposals are important even before planning a wedding. I mean yes you can have ideas of how you want your wedding to be like, theme etc. be on the same page with the guy about marriage and weddings but lets be real, would you rather use the term girlfriend/boyfriend or fiancee when introducing them? Back to the lady who got engaged before her wedding, this is all I have to say….. raw deal. Comment below and tell me what you think.


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