Whatever Could Go Wrong

Indeed you know that God’s hedge that was protecting you has been broken when you sense or experience a ripple effect of the devils work.
I look up to my bedroom’s white ceiling,staring at the sequence of patterns on it while lying on my bed. I couldn’t help but wonder whats become of life,my life.I keep the lights on simply because the shivers from the night terror are still within my midst.
Was it some sort of sign or affirmation? I think my mind has been continuously jolting an array of MySQL queries and using the bubble sort to sort my thoughts.I guess that’s why am unable to focus. Am like some mummy that’s been put on display just outside its cave in the Egypt plains.
Indeed,I have witnessed a ripple effect of anything that could go wrong. Everything is like a big ball of wire,a mess. No idea where to start pulling the wire and making a neat roll off of it.
Clearly my hedge has been broken but who is going to stand in the gap and rebuild the hedge? Moses stood in the gap to rebuild the hedge when the Israelites sinned which had lead to the destruction of their hedge.
God has covered his people with the spiritual hedge to protect them from the evil one.Babies naturally have the spiritual hedge protecting them as they are at no fault.
Once the hedge is broken,we are no longer protected.Hence giving a gateway pass to diseases, poverty, sorrow etc.
The hedge is broken through sin.
I think I have expounded enough about the hedge,you can get more from the book of life.The Bible says something like heaven and earth  will pass but the Word will remain forever. Read it for your benefit.
That sed,I guess al reflect on everything before I act.Tomorrow would have marked a milestone for something new in my life,but instead, the thought of it has become my worst nightmare,adding onto my array of pitfalls.I thought its worth to note it down because someday,I might smile or grin at it.
True to the saying Shit Happens.Indeed,Shit Happens,and the path you dreaded to walk through becomes the only available path.
So am staring out into the night,trying to hide the pain and thinking of going to this place where love,and feeling good don’t ever cost a thing.Plus the pain you feel s a different kinda pain.#Daughtry Home
Am going there 🙂


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