Empire Review

There has been buzz on this particular series called Empire. This buzz compelled me to watch it. It turned out not to be as awesome as everyone on social media made it seem. When something is hyped too much, it tends to bring about high expectations.
Although my expectations were lowered,there is this aspect about empire that intrigued me.The incorporation of music production to various scenes blew me. The music made from empire is mind blowing plus the characters chosen match well with their roles.
However,not all is rosy about empire.I was very much agitated by the way some of the actors blatantly misquoted the Bible and compared themselves to the Messiah. Lucious,one of the character is guilty of this,and in a particular scene he dared to say that even God will not stop him.
This part of empire made me loose respect for the producer and made me question why would someone want to do a script that is blasphemous to God?


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