Quarter Life Crisis

Its been a rough year so far
full of so many disappointments and tears.
Having been my birthday yesterday, I felt like I needed to make new resolutions, amendments, call it whatever you like. I didn’t quite embrace my entrance to the late twenties. Part of me was scared.Scared that I didn’t get to accomplish all I wanted. I heard somewhere on tv that God laughs when we plan. However true that is,I don’t know but God must have laughed when I was planning. I don’t need to expound on that .quarte
I am grateful to God though for His blessings and getting this far.One of the things that crack me up is the opportunity God gave me to be a young lecturer.I started lecturing when I was 25 and the looks I always get from my students never seize to amaze me.I guess that’s one unforgettable blessing. Impacting knowledge to others has always been my dream.I consider myself shy and no one had confidence in me that I could actually lecture. Anyone ad share this with would be like “boshez can you really speak infront of people?” and ad be like…”kwani you want me to speak behind them?” Ofcourse I didn’t tell them that but it pissed me off.Am thankful for the immense support I got from my folks and seeing my prayers answered. Lesson learned, block your mind from negative talk and follow your dreams regardless of what people will say.
I guess Iecturing has given me something to smile about as I bid goodbye to the quarter century.
Now what ad really want to stop is the constant nagging and questions I keep getting. When are you getting married? When are we coming for “rice”? I guess that’s one of the worst parts of being a lady in your twenties. Am sure most single ladies can relate to this.images (2)
I never thought such questions would be so irritating especially when you have no clue when your get married or even if your ever getting married . Yea,I don’t have a clue and maybe,just maybe marriage is not for me. Better still, I can’t stand wedding shows. Maybe part of the reason is the pressure around me.Each and every aspect that made me want to get married, want to have a kid or two suddenly seems like an illusion.Nolonger part of my plan hehe.

Maybe am speaking out of “my quarter life crisis” but hey,that’s life.
Snapping back to reality, I am slowly coming to a realization that there is much more to life thanks to a woman whom I admire ;Heather Lindsey.Just a by the way,I guess most women would want a Cornelius.
Anyway,enough said. I know I always blog about my birthdays and this line never misses so here goes…lets see what late twenties has to offer 🙂

images (1)


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