Mkokoteni “Drivers”

Blood shot eyes pierce through their eye sockets as they strain to push or pull the heavy load they carry in their wooden carts that use left over wheels from vehicles.Mkokoteni
They seem to be angry with everyone,anything and everything. They ravage through the roads carelessly and mindless of pedestrians and vehicles that are passing in high speeds.
They do not have any right to be on the roads.They own no license no insurance no nothing!
Owe unto you if you cross their path.This men are ruthless and would go to the extent of pushing pedestrians out of their way you’d think they didn’t see anyone coming through. hand-cartI have been a victim of their stupid senseless acts.I have been pushed into a pool of mad as I was heading to work and recently got a nerve wrecking blow from their cart handles on my tummy that left me paralyzed and stuck on the ground like a statue for 5seconds as I tried vigorously to take in the pain and walk away.This are men who cause traffic on roads through obstruction and wondering aimlessly as if the world awed them.
I have no reason to feel pitty on these men who earn their living by disrespecting people.
I only have one word for them…shenzi!


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