New Day

Life is a strange thing. Very strange so much that I do not think that I will ever understand it. We often find ourselves in very complicated situations which we have no idea what to do.Some of the situations are new to us and some, not really. Some of the experiences have a way of making us feel like we are one step away to going mad.Experiences such as grief, losing a job,getting dumped etc. have a great impact on our lives. One thing I have come to learn though is putting my faith and trust in God when faced with these earthly challenges. Truly God is not DEAD.My redeemer lives.More than ever before, I am chasing Jesus and here is where I share why. He has wiped my tears and given me hope and peace.God has revealed himself to me in ways I couldn’t imagine. I had a situation that had been bothering me for months and resulted to much prayer and finally prayer fasting. On my second day of fasting, 27/6/2015,the worst happened to me.Something that I never saw coming. Everything that I had feared eventually popped out of its cocoon and was now glaring at me.I sat there dumb founded, tongue tied and almost petrified.”No, this is just a fad”, I told myself. There was not much I could do at that point because my brain had stopped working as it should and i could feel my sanity fade by each minute. All I wanted to do at that point is walk across the road and get hit by any oncoming vehicle. Yes, I was mad. That night, I couldn’t sleep, I fell to the floor of my room as I was filled with pain and was too weak to hold myself. I cried as tears of despondency and pain rolled down my cheeks continuously like a river that never dries.I cried to God all night. Yes all night. I finally got to sleep but something woke me up an hour later and the crying episode started all over again.Eventually, I slept only to be woken up by the alarm.It felt like I had only slept for an hour or something.My eyes were literally blood shot I guess from the crying and lack of sleep. I just couldn’t believe that I was back to grieving yet again. Today,my last day of fasting, I knelt before God, avoiding not to cry again since I was at work and didn’t want questions from guys although I already planned to tell em that I am having a bad cold sniff sniff, just in case things got out of control.Any way,I asked God to reveal himself to me and talk to me,tell me what to do,give me peace and strength to survive today. I felt like my entire world has come to a halt.As I sat in that small room hidden away from everyone, my mind couldn’t help but jolt down events of the past.I waited for God to talk to me but nothing happened. I humbly walked out of the room and strolled back slowly to my workstation.As I tried to concentrate, ad find my mind whisking away to places I dint want to go at that moment.My thoughts were blown out by a phone call from my cell. It was my best friend whom I had shared my current turmoil. She talked to me for 1 hour and all I could think was; finally He came through. God reveled himself through my friend can you imagine?  All the pain that I had suddenly vanished. I couldn’t believe that I could actually smile again. Thank you God. I may have regretted saying YES to man but never to you. Let me encourage anyone out there who is facing challenges such as grief, job loss or heartbreak. For you who has lost someone close in your life, stay strong, God is with you.He will give you comfort only if you let him in. Allow him to comfort you because there is no one who will understand your pain except him. For you who who has lost a job, give thanks to God for he is making a way for you. He closed that door so that He will open for you another door that you never imagined. Allow Him to take control and surrender EVERYTHING to Him. For the man or woman who got dumped or is struggling with a relationship,again, the advice is still the same, trust in God, He is the only one who can help you.I got into a  relationship with a man I met last year (2014) late August and am certain that our relationship will even get better this year;that I can promise you. If it wasn’t for this man, I know my current turmoil would have done the worst to me. I will be talking about my journey with this man on my later blog posts so stay tuned.One other thing that is helping me strengthen my relationship with this man is having mentors like Heather and Cornelius. These two are true vessels used by God. Try following them on Facebook , twitter, the oasis on YouTube etc and you will see what am talking about. I might not know how to give the best advice but one thing I am sure would work any given time is Always putting your trust and faith in God 🙂 Let me leave you with my favorite mentors quote…Heather 🙂 fave


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