Escaping the Boredom of Reading the Bible

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The Pursuit of God


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There are certain portions of the Bible that could be used to make recordings that would cure insomnia. When the Jews start in with their epic genealogies and you find yourself slogging through a long list of “the son of, the son of, the son of”, it’s easy to start fidgeting. When Yahweh starts listing off the precise measurements for the Tabernacle or when Ezekiel is following an angel around as he measures every single dimension of the new Temple, it’s easy to find yourself thinking, “Who cares?!” So what does it mean when you find the Bible painfully boring to read? Does it mean you’re spiritually flawed? Does it mean you’re defying God? Certainly not.

Boredom with the Bible is driven by two things: a lack of interest and a lack of understanding. There are two ways to solve these problems: stop reading and…

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