Where There Is a Divine Relationship/Marriage; There Is Always an Enemy

During my me time with God, I happened to stumble upon Rev. J. Matco’s sermon on radio. I got to learn quite a lot and decided to share this on my blog. I couldn’t capture all that was said but I hope the little that I managed will uplift a soul somewhere plus I have tried to explain more expansively so let’s dig in…

God will not give you a perfect person. None of us is perfect. We all have our flaws in one way or another. So God doesn’t give you someone who’s perfect but instead gives you a person to work with and work on. You will always attract the person who is like you.images

Breakups can take an emotional toll on someone and always have an impact on you when the relationship does not mature to marriage. You will never be the same person after a break up. The person you were dating will either take something away from you or add something; either positively or negatively. This is why sometimes people end up stereotyping the opposite genders after a breakup because of the experience they went through and also this is the reason why people do not date persons with similar qualities as the previous. This is because we become different and that is why the people we date are always different. Any man or woman whom you got into a relationship with never leaves the same.hugs

Never marry someone whom you have never discovered their evil or weaknesses. Run from the people who seem to be too perfect. The person you decide to settle with is the person you have grace to handle his/her weaknesses.

I always look at other peoples relationships and admire how they love each other and how they seem to be so happy together. However, what I learnt is that if you were given the person in the relationship which you are admiring, you would rather go back to your relationship or leave all together.

There is no perfect person. Until you find the weakness in that person and find the grace to handle it, then that is when you can marry that person. A mate is a gift from God, but marriage is your responsibility. Love covers a multitude of weaknesses. This means that when you love someone, you overlook there weaknesses/flows. However, if you keep complaining about your mate’s flaws and weaknesses all the time, then your love is not enough to cover their weaknesses.

Never marry anyone that you are not connected to in three realms/planes.

  • Physically inclined: You MUST be attracted to the person you want to marry.
  • Spiritually inclined: Both of you must be equally yoked
  • Soulically connected

That is why dating is important. So that we can have a chance to discover whether we are connected in these three planes and further discover our partner’s weaknesses. Love is a dream, and marriage an alarm clock. What keeps a relationship alive is not love. These three things keep a relationship alive; Love being the last.

  1. Wisdom
  2. Knowledge
  3. Understanding
  4. Love(Is a feeling, or a choice and is migratory meaning it changes)

In proverbs 24; 3-4 we see that by wisdom a house is built and through understanding, it is established. Through knowledge, its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures.

Love will always dwell where there is wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

Behind any God ordained relationship/marriage, there is always an enemy or a power fighting your relationship. There is always a serpent in the Garden of Eden. Its time people opened there eyes and stopped fighting each other and instead fight the serpent with prayer.


4 thoughts on “Where There Is a Divine Relationship/Marriage; There Is Always an Enemy

  1. Awesome stuff,it is an opening message to the Body of Christ at this hour.Iam enlightened,thanks and more grace Dad

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