Divine Awakening

Today am dedicating this post to one whom I have come to Love. God the Father, God the son and God the Holy Spirit. Yes,He is three in one.I thank the Most high for coming into my life. He has removed me from the deepest and darkest hole you can ever imagine. But that’s a story for another day. If It wasn’t for God, I do not know how and where I would be today. That’s why I felt this sudden urge from the deepest part of my heart to give Him thanks via my blog.wpid-img_20150623_17525622.jpg.jpeg

My closest friends know how much I have been trying to seek God. I kept on probing them with questions upon questions, but I knew too well that only God has the answers and only He can guide and direct my path. He says draw closer to me and I shall draw closer to you. That has and is my journey. My greatest priority this year is that,to draw closer to God. I believe the Holy Spirit has filled me up in abundance and even for me to write this is by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

The devil is a liar.I cannot even begin to count the trials that have come my way the past few weeks.On a lighter note,I got off from 67Kgs to 63Kgs in just two months.Yea, had to mention that :p Don’t know whether to attribute that to  my gym frequency or the mind battles that had been going on in my head I mean av gone through a lot.Taken in so many bullets. But I came out stronger. I have never experienced such a drastic change in my body and mind concurrently. That’s when I knew something was up,and that’s also when I heard Gods calling. Who am I not to answer his call?But that’s just on a lighter note 🙂 Honestly though, worry can kill you…

Moving on swiftly, even at the lowest point of my life, I held on to my Father and when my eyes would well up with tears, I would burst it all out to Him. See I got sick and tired of being sick and tired, and immediately made a 360 degree turn and ran to Jesus, this time for real. I am saying for real because I met Jesus at the end of August 2014 but I dint have the spirit so much in me. I knew I wanted Him, but I was striving so hard to live right but always found myself slipping. I had one foot in and one foot out. There are somethings I would do and deeply regret afterwards. I have come to realize that lukewarm doesn’t sink in well with God.5663411_f260

I hold the book of James close to my heart. I mean av read it cover to cover, back to back  like three times. Its like God had been directing me to arm my self for a battle. In Ephesians 6:10 we see that it is important for us Christians be strong in the Lord and His mighty power, and put on His full armor so that we can be able to fight against the devils scheme for we are not fighting against flesh and blood but against principalities, rulers of the dark world in the heavenly realms. The armor being talked about here is His word. His word is powerful and I can today confess that it has been a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I would encourage anyone out there who has not tasted the sweetness of knowing and loving Jesus to accept Him into his/her life for in Him there is peace, in Him there is hope,He doesn’t change and He will never ever leave you.He is the same today,yesterday and tomorrow.

No one can understand my personal relationship with Him and I bet it’s mostly the same for many that’s why it’s not fair to judge anyone based on their spirituality. Only God can judge!!Our relationship with God is unique and that’s one among many of the most amazing things about Him. I have found inner peace and comfort from Him. 8388-91818281.400w.tnI will seek God more than ever. I am tired of milk,I want food. 1 Corinthians 3:2: I gave you milk, not solid food, for you were not yet ready for it. Hmm I think am ready now, but may Gods will be done. For the remaining half of this year, that’s all I want and will live by 2 Corinthians 7.I want to be lead to my purpose and to be made whole as an individual.I know God is positioning me for something greater. Sometimes the bad things that happen to us are actually Blessings. I mean at the end of the day Gods plan for us is not to harm us but to make us prosper. That is why I will stand firm and believe in him. That’s also why I will sing Naomba (song I posted in my previous posts) and pray without ceasing.
May the everlasting grace of God be upon you and may He open your eyes so that you may see,just like he did with me.
Be Blessed.


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