Days out at Langas

When life happens, you wake up.Am not going to delve into the explanation of that sentence. This weekend my dad and I decided to just chill out in Eldoret in a place called Langas(kisumu ndogo).Not so fancy but Its good to experience change,travel to new places make discoveries. Its actually therapeutic.My dad certainly knew what he was doing by bringing me here. I have been to Eldi only once,Naiberi,had the most epic time there.This was my second time.I think now I have become a mwenyeji(one of them) hehe.He practically gave me a field trip of half if the town.Investors have really gotten there hands dirty on this ground.Next time you’re thinking of going for a Vacay,try Eldoret;Sirikwa Hotel,Poa
place,Naiberi,Star Bucks…e.t.c.
On to the next town #Kenyan Tourist(Home tourism)


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