Un-Equally Yoked

As I draw closer to God my Father,He continues to open my eyes day by day. Its exciting to be in a relationship with God and like any other relationship, communication is important.How can a good relationship flourish without constant communication? It can’t! I have made it my obligation to make sure I communicate with God every single day be it through His word,gospel songs,prayers,spiritual articles etc.
The more I believe in Him,the more my friends who are not believers don’t understand me. I get this blank stares like “what’s up with you” kinda stares.Only very few understand and those are the ones am aiming at to join me in my quest to seek Him(God).
Maybe I would allow myself to continue being friends with some of my friends who aren’t believers, but I would never,date a non-believer. That’s one thing God opened my eyes to.I am going to do a post on importance of being equally yoked in a relationship,watch out for it.
Thing is,if we are in a relationship, we both need to understand our God given purpose. We both need to be whole before we can be one (I coined that myself :)). We both need to be sure that God wants us to be together and hence not date for the sake of dating, but aim towards marriage and not just any other marriage,a marriage that serves God.
A marriage that serves God not only teaches a wife how to submit to her husband, it also teaches the husband how to love and care for his wife just as Christ did with the church.
Again,make me understand why I should go through the trouble of dating a non-beliver and having to try and teach him when I can date a believer whose already been stream lined by the best teacher ever…the Holy Spirit 🙂


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