Adventist to Pentecost : The Shift

We serve a living God my friends. Day by day I see God revealing Himself to me and honestly I find myself smiling solo that yud be compelled to ask me what am smiling at or who am smiling with. It never used to be like this.If you have read my entire blog,you must have seen my journey,my struggles and what my perception of salvation was. Heck I didn’t know what salvation was about but I strongly felt I needed it in my life. I realized that God often calls us but some of us tend to ignore His call. The best decision I made is to answer His call. I can testify today that you are blind if you are not a believer. Once you become a believer, God opens your eyes and you begin to see things more clearly. I used to be a Seventh Day Adventist, however, I wasn’t rooted in it completely. Its just that I grew up attending but oddly though, I wasn’t able to grow my faith there.Maybe there could be other reasons why I wasn’t much rooted but lets stick to the basics. Ever since I was young, I was never really keen on denominations and there practices. Some didn’t even make sense to me and am that kind of person if something doesn’t make sense to me, I will not follow it. I did what my denomination forbid;i.e pierced my ears etc. Simply because it wasn’t clear to me why I shouldn’t.  I am sure there must be an explanation but I wasn’t too keen. No, I wasn’t being rebellious, I just wanted a place where I would get spiritually empowered. There is no mistake with that, is there? I can do a whole topic on this but lets stick to the agenda ei? See Paul’s words to the church of Corinth in 1 Corinthians 3:7 tells me that its only God who can grow us. My understanding of this was that no church , no pastor, no one and nothing can grow you, they can only plant and water you, but only God will not grow you.Only God can grow my faith. There are some people who are more devoted to denomination or favorite preacher than they are to God.

I would then opt to watch JB Masinde on NTV on Sunday mornings. As fate would have it, circumstances made me begin frequenting Deliverance Church Umoja were JB preaches. There is when I responded to an altar call and became a believer. I was fully aware that it was the beginning of a challenging journey. We were even warned in the new believers class still at deliverance. I also remember the teacher saying that it was the best decision we made,but at that time, I couldn’t make much sense of her words. Now,most of the things I learned are beginning to make so much sense I can’t even explain. I am the kind of person that prefers to stick to one church regardless of how many branches it has. Since I was so comfortable with DC umoja,no one would convince me to go to any other DC church regardless of how close it was from were I lived. As usual, the serpent wasn’t happy with my decision. As a believer I have learnt that I am a soldier of war while a non-believer is a prisoner of war. So there was a battle in my life ahead of me that I hadn’t anticipated. I honestly couldn’t fight the battle by myself and let God fight it for me. My life was being torn to pieces. Everything was falling apart. It was one of those times every thing goes bizarre,one of those low points in life. Ever heard stories where one gets fired,then they get thrown out of their apartment coz they can’t pay rent,then their fiancee dumps them etc You get the point. Bad things happening consecutively. That’s what exactly began happening to me(not the story hehe). I had no one to talk to except God.No one would’ve understood. Things got so bad and I could no longer be able to attend DC umoja as much as I wanted.So I went back to being church-less. Fellowship with fellow Christians is important and I knew that I needed to find a church as soon as possible. I told God to help me find a church where I can grow. Trust me, rarely would you find an SDA moving to Pentecost unless otherwise. I knew to well that I didn’t want to go back to SDA. As much as SDA churches are very good and orderly,my mind had experienced something new that I wasn’t willing to let go yet.You might be wondering, whats the big deal? Well it was hell a big deal to me because once you start to seek God’s heart, there is this drive that compels you to seek him where he can be found and share your belief with like minded people and serve Him. That’s why it was a big deal to me that I find a good church and trust me, it wasn’t easy. The devil to was at work. I later on had a dream that I was standing at a corner of a visitors room and we were doing self introduction and a Burundian behind me introduced herself. Weeks later, I decided to join one Pentecostal church and you wouldn’t believe what happened. Visitors were called to the visitors room and we were to introduce ourselves and I was standing at the corner and a Burundian behind me introduced herself. A sudden wave swept in my entire body and my heart began racing fast. I just can not explain the experience I had but at that time. God made me recall that dream I tell you. How amazing how the Holy Spirit works. Tell me now how God doesn’t speak??? Let me just say, it was incredible. I just smiled.See why I keep smiling at myself?Such are the things that keep happening to me. Divine interventions are so incredible. Next time you catch me smiling solo, just know I might have just experience a divine intervention 🙂 That was no coincidence, God truly answers prayers. Make it a point to document your answered prayers, it helps in many ways.


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