You want a Finished Product? Child Please…

Let me begin by saying words I learnt just the other day; work on you wood until it becomes a chair. We are a generation that loves instant things no wander we are nicknamed the microwave generation. Today am talking about the people we choose to date and not just date, but dating with a purpose. Keep in mind whenever you come across date in my posts, know that I mean dating with a purpose because that is what I stand for. I do not advocate for “let me see”, or “trys x”.  Allow me to  digress alil bit, am talking about the people we choose to date because God does not choose for you a mate. No! We always hear people say, am waiting on God to bring me a man/woman. Child, you got it wrong if you think God ‘s gonna serve you like food on plate. Thing is, God equips us with the Holy Ghost to guide us. Not only that, He has given you His word; heck you know you ain’t supposed to be unequally yoked, then why would you go for a non believer? That ain’t Gods fault if he insists on having sex with you before marriage. You brought yourself that trouble because you both don’t have the same faith.Yaal ain’t equally yoked. Awe unto you if you get married to him.

God is actually waiting on us to get into the right positioning. He has given you all what you need to make a decision. If God would have chosen a mate for you, He would have violated your freedom of choice. Same applies here; He does not save you until you make a choice. He already did His, part, He sent His only begotten son to die for you. So its up to you to make a choice to get saved or not! So use what God has given you to find a mate (for men, for its He who finds) and know the right one (ladies). So to some level Gods gives you a mate by equipping you with material to find that mate 🙂

Back to focus. God will never give a male the woman he wants.she doesn’t exist. God will only give you the material. Because the mans job is to cultivate. Ladies, men need to cultivate you. The perfect woman only exists in your head. Your job is to cultivate the woman you chose and make her the woman in your head. There is no perfect person. We all have flaws in varying degrees.

In my seasons of dating, I came to a realization that flaws vary in different individual but the degree of flaw is the same. If you abandon a person because of there flaws in your quest for that perfect person, you will only end up in frustration because you will discover that the person you think is all perfect, also has flaws which could be different from what you first encountered but with the same degree or even worse lol! So in short, there is no perfect person.

We need to learn to accept each others flaws and work on each other. We need to understand that no one is perfect. Men, when you are dating this lady, you need to be strong in the Lord and lead your lady to be strong in the Lord too if you desire a God fearing woman. I realized that it is so easy for men to lead us because that is part of what they are supposed to do. I also realized that it is so easy for some of us women to want to be led by a man. We want a man to not be afraid to tell us when we are doing wrong and to generally be a leader in the relationship. It is not rocket science to realize the potential that your partner has.Your man may not have a good job now but his potential will make you stay with him and not leave him just because. What am trying to say is, build each others imperfections.

Words by Frank Powell

“I meet too many young people waiting for something that is not real. “I just couldn’t marry her because she smacked her food.” “He just wasn’t the one … he had this weird twitch when he smiled. But I know my soul mate is still out there. I just have to keep looking.”

Or you might have just missed him or her.

What if God does not want you to find a perfect person, but an imperfect person that will draw you closer to Him? What if God desires you to marry a person with flaws to expose yours? What if God wants to teach you the value found in committing to one person forever, not the exhausting pursuit of searching your entire life to find the perfect person?

Soul mates are made … not born.”

May you be blessed with a mate who understands you and loves you for who you are and may you all work on your wood to get your chair.


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